Shenzhen a fund manager told reporters:

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Shenzhen a fund manager told reporters:

 "the telecommunications industry in the technology to upgrade in slow, which gave zte, huawei such Chinese company in technology to catch up opportunity. The recession telecom operators may first cut high-end equipment, Many people like the .

 increase the demand for ZhongDiDuan equipment needs, and this is precisely the company zte such an advantage. In the long run, in the next 3 G, 4 G era, zte, and huawei could replace Ericsson, nokia, the position of the giant."

In fact, zte recently announced multinational operator Maxis get about $400 million GSM, after Ericsson contract for Aircel main contractors, obviously, Ericsson market share has been zte erosion.

It is reported, in addition to the $400 million contract outside, zte and Maxis will have further further cooperation, zhongjin expected is cheaper than the CDs.

future may have the same amount of contract is signed, and this zte sign good profit margins, which will have a portion of the profits in this year, and most affirm income in 2009, zte included in the fourth quarter of this year and 2009 earnings form support.

From the exchange figures, zte drop stop the two days, buying and selling the stock before the five seats are all institutions within the organization, showed that the seat of zte also have different opinions.

Turning brokers like shenyin &wanguo A lot of office worker love the .

analysts FangLu points out, based on the business more cautious conservative assumption, and the expected 2008 ~ 2010 zte EPS were 1.30, 1.85 and 2.13, 3 years compound annual growth rate of 31.7%.




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