2008 22 times PE valuation has set up a file in the history,

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2008 22 times PE valuation has set up a file in the history,

 0.6 times the average line of also is almost chloropropanoic historic lows. Even and Ericsson, nokia international manufacturers such as comparison, the company although 2008 valuation is higher, but 2009 years, and 2010 Buy for your family and your colleagues.

years have quickly fell back to basic consistent with international enterprise level. Residual income model with absolute valuations, get the company value the bottom line could in 28 yuan, therefore, security has been revealed, and suggested the marginal active "threat".

According to information, moving in October in has to begin the second issue of the TD, the tender bidding scale is probably Do you like ?

a stage set up 1.53 times, the overall investment scale is about 25 billion-30 billion yuan.

Cathay Pacific issued by hand to report says, "and we think that bidding results from TD forecast see, zte than expected very little probability in the present TD. Zte technology standard on top, and from share at 52% and Ericsson joint bid zte (including Ericsson 5%, zte, the second phase 47%) tender Ericsson bid alone, TD zte expects its will still get more than 40% share".

October 20, at 10 at night before the Blackstone, shi (called "black stone") President Tony chan, Hamilton.some Mr. When ".some chan) in Beijing to accept the Chinese times "interview. He said to the shi, the company's share price has Discount are for you.

confidence in an investment finally get a good return.

It can make up an loss


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