The above ***ets restructuring behavior not finished,

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The above ***ets restructuring behavior not finished,

 kelon so will send shares to chasing the equity day that register to register as the company sold A share of the infinite conditions of tradable shares and holding company circulation a-shares company dong and supervisors and senior executives after send shares. is 100% perfect.

 Kelon brand management leadership for our reporter who han yesterday said that at present still have not received the CSRC formal feedback, it cannot was instrumental in the white electric ***et injection scheme adjust how is evaluated. Han said in the knowledge that all, the specific reason, kelon will and big shareholders full consultation, scheme and approval for a new study as soon as possible.

In 2007, deep konka (000016) profit ability get improved significantly, 4.41% year-on-year drop in sales income of 209 million yuan net profit, and earnings per share of 0.348 yuan, up by 116.17%; Overall gross margin 19.43%, an increase of 14.19%. is very easy.

The decision of the board, the capital ac***ulation fund every 10 shares turn add 10 shares.

Annual report showed, report period by international trade barriers konka, influence in the north American market sales by $2006 in 96.91 million to $10.63 million to reduce, become its sales income lower than a main reason. Konka to cultivate Africa, Europe, Latin America, eastern Europe and other regional market and strengthen internal management and risk control, make the export business profit margins have risen by 21%.

According to Beijing kang yi time market research company statistics, konka TV overall 14.09% market share, for five consecutive years market share in the first. In addition, konka mobile phone business profit overseas sales hitting record highs, is a great ***istant for your daily life.

an increase of 70%. White electric business sales revenue up 22.22%, net profit increased 11.19% year-on-year, and realize the great-leap-forward development.


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