Final report, the company always inventory amount of $2.935 billion,

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Final report, the company always inventory amount of $2.935 billion,

 a drop of about 17.38%. At the same time, through optimizing supply resources, mainly LCD TV and CRT TV material average decreased by 17.87% and 11.52%, the average cost by mobile phone 18.5%.

There is concern that the 2007 years in shenzhen science and technology park, konka with preferential price made a piece of land for development, is an amazing gift for me.

 will build a digital research project, building, konka construction area of about 80000 square meters. The haier has home appliance enterprise and get involved in real estate business attractive returns.

SaiDiWang noise ?z ?y on April 8, news, according to foreign media reports, AMD announced on Monday, will cut its workforce by 10%, and about 1680 employees. has a very simple way to install.

 The company also reduce the first quarter sales forecast, because "from sales of each business link to see are lower than expected."

According to AMD revised revenue budget, by March 29, 2008, the first quarter for $1.5 billion. This is better than Wall Street expected 120 million dollars less than last year, in the fourth quarter, but was 22% lower compared with the same period last year, there are still an increase of 22%.

AMD and rival chip maker intel-based has lost by contrast, most of the "territory". At present, the intel-based company controls 80% of the market share, that is, likes the ***istant in your office.

< ;p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt" cl***="MsoNormal"> to AMD ****e only 20%.

Global research ins***utions Crown on David Wu said, according to ****ysts, AMD has even calculation dollars less than 20% of the market share. AMD should laid off. Since 2007, AMD lost 67% of the market share, at that time the intel-based shares rose 6.9%. In a few years time AMD had tried to beat, now, intel-based geomantic turn by turns.


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