AMD is a head-on.

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AMD is a head-on.

But the news did not bring the too big surprise, David Wu said, "roasted seeds a month since commercial speculation above, however," better late than never '."

By Monday, AMD shares Monday rose $0.10, or 1.61%, Do you ever buy the ?

at $6.33. In the past 52 weeks, AMD for $16.19, the highest share price lowest for $5.31.

April 17,, AMD will be announced after finished the next Thursday in the first quarter results.

"Microsoft and yahoo could face from China block." The "New York times recently wrote that, this August 1, the upcoming China an***rust law, changes life.

 Chinese an***rust regulators are likely to purchase of" Microsoft tiger "case for review--because the case not only directly affect China's Internet industry compe***ion pattern, also" very likely threat China's national security ".

To this, China's anti-monopoly law experts say, Microsoft, sooner or later, and Chinese an***rust authority deal with yahoo, no matter whether the case became the first round.

"Microsoft bought tiger" threatening Chinese counterparts will let your work faster and easier.


As a result of yahoo, yahoo China and China's biggest e-commerce sites between alibaba the intricacies of the equity relationship, "Microsoft bought tiger" case on the market impact of maybe doesn't inferior to the United States.



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