At present, yahoo is the largest shareholder of alibaba.

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At present, yahoo is the largest shareholder of alibaba.

In 2005, with its subsidiary company yahoo yahoo China taobao, and $1 billion in cash shares for a 40% stake in is good.

If yahoo is Microsoft, then alibaba full takeover will be indirect takeover. Many Internet observers believe, if the acquisition is complete, Microsoft, yahoo and alibaba will form a strong network "triangle" of the country, especially in the Chinese colleague, the potential of the stress caused by network.

"China have every reason, also should review Microsoft m&a yahoo's behavior." Parti****ted in the drafting of a Chinese academy of China an***rust law cooperate WangXiaoYe researchers told the international herald herald "last August, The is an amazing gift for me.

 according to the China published the antimonopoly law, for the implementation of the overseas anti-monopoly behavior, as long as the possible for the domestic market" eliminate or restrict compe***ion produces effect ", want to declare to the Chinese government censorship.

An***rust review existing basis

But at present, business operators should be what behavior to the Chinese an***rust authority to declare, an***rust law review in is not defined. Buy to help your office work.

To strengthen legal maneuverability, March 27,, and the office of the state council has the anti-monopoly declare the procedures and standard released draft version on August 1, the standard will be finalised.

So, if Microsoft deal in August 1, effective China an***rust law reached before, whether can escape China review?



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