Outlook 2010 During congress to give

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Outlook 2010 During congress to give

 the board of directors of the alibaba group chairman and CEO jack ma did not, alibaba B2B ipo process to make any comments. is your best choice.

 But Mr Ma accidentally revealed, "alibaba everyone will soon be very rich", Mr Ma also says he recently brought more than 300 old employees of "tell us where fortune is".

Analysis of the comments that, Mr Ma said means of B2B alibaba listed goes well. July 28,, Mr Ma in internal meeting publicly confirmed that the " B2B business will start listing procedures", after the news of the day, alibaba to Hong Kong exchange submitted the application for IPO.

According to relevant information disclosure, alibaba B2B fastest in four accept the hearing this week, listed it plans to sell 15% to 25% stock, forehead as high as 7.8 billion hk dollar, raise money market value in the 31.2 billion to 52 billion hk dollar, set between mainland Internet enterprise in the record of the funds overseas market, respectively, There are many improvements in .

in Hong Kong exchange and the nasdaq listing of tencent and baidu when funding is only 1.4 billion hk dollar respectively with 850 million hk dollar.

Alibaba's director CuiRenFu in B2B give congress when accepting a reporter to interview also revealed, alibaba B2B to port, the whole group of listed employee shareholding ratio will at least 65%. Alibaba group, according to the 7000 staff calculation, number of employees will be holding more than 4500 people, including a number of 1 million will be born rich, is on sale now.

even 10 million, 0.1 billion billionaires.

It is reported, as the first with B2B online trading platform pure profit and the listing companies, alibaba B2B business model is not complex, the company provides online trading platform, and third party to verify buyer ***ured for Internet transactions.


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