Microsoft Office And the 24 million registered members only parti****tion in international

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Microsoft Office And the 24 million registered members only parti****tion in international

 "Chinese suppliers" or "the good faith the validation of the seller of rating and needs to pay the highest annual fee, is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

annual fee international suppliers can be as high as 60000 yuan, the most cheap credit the also want to 2800 yuan.

According to the market research organization estimates, erika B2B last year income reached 1.3 billion yuan, a market share of 51%.


Working with alibaba discussion cooperation

Yesterday, Chinese Taiwan area first big electronic products manufacturer hon hai announced it is and alibaba about cooperation. For cooperation in Edmund Ding, foxconn spokesman said: "we are negotiated, but so far there are no conclusion." And alibaba's spokesman declined to comment.

On the other hand, ****ysts think, cooperation for foxconn is meaningful, because alibaba unimpeded sales channel will make foxconn such company benefit. Do you like ?

It is reported, foxconn mainly to dell and hewlett-packard (HP) and other electronic products giant sell products, also, through its company to individual consumer products sales foxconn.

Global PE returns after the first few years of the flourishing, in the next five years will decrease the rate of return on, but the Asian market especially China returns is very high. On September 17, opening of a "Super Return 2008 Asian BBS" Private Equity (Private Equity, the "PE) company industry conference, parti****nts reach common understanding. changes life.

The meeting brought together from global private equity funds managers, lawyers, accountants, discuss global liquidity in the background, the prospect of PE investment in Asia and PE how to grasp the chance of investment in Asia. In the poll, 48.6% of the parti****nts link that China will become the most productive investment return PE country.




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