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MS office 2010 SAIF consultants Co., ltd

 chief partner YanYan said, if the investment from PE capital of the total scale to see, China could never more than the European and American market, is cheaper than the CDs.

and from the Angle of the return on capital, and maybe soon the Chinese market will be more than the European and American market.

PE industry experts believe that China's investment environment for PE will be more open, more system. But, to invest in China's PE is also facing a professional talent is hard to find, regulatory risk too much money chasing limited, the project. With China's native fund populations, foreign PE will face huge compe***ion. Localization is decided to PE key of success or failure.

The Chinese market is on private equity parti****tion in the successful merger case ****ysis, also become one of the parti****nts about the topic of. is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

As a financial investors, in addition to PE brings to the enterprise development fund is necessary, only to buy low, sell high, what can bring additional value for the enterprise?

The United States Carlyle investment group investment Pacific insurance group has been getting attention PE acquisition cases. By the end of 2005, Carlyle capital injection 3.3 billion yuan buying what life insurance 24.975% of the shares. Additional capital, and again after what success will hold the life insurance equity transfer became what group equity. Now what the Carlyle group holds 20% of the equity.

The BBS, attend the Carlyle investment group managing director and Asia competent YangXiangDong said the Carlyle joint contribution to help the company after reverse the situation of excessive debt. In the company structure reform, is free for you.

and set up a number of professional committee, including management committee of the board of directors, the operating committee, responsible, "division of labor management, each doing his own job". The move has altered the President's office, too concentrated power mode, but that of the poor management situation.




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