Micro office 2010 What life insurance business committee chairman PanShen chang

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Micro office 2010 What life insurance business committee chairman PanShen chang

 says that m****e ascension is the most significant changes. The company "Employees see the hope, it is very important to us."

YangXiangDong emphasis that, is 100% perfect.

in China the process of private investment is like "marathon", at present what group work, and many of the ongoing reform measures will continue to follow. "We hope to do long-term investors".

Market news pointed out, what will strive to end A share in the market, has now into the listed coach period. Once the market successfully kill group will become the, China life, China peace after the third only domestic insurance stocks. But YangXiangDong and PanShen chang all did not comment on the listing.

In the beauty appliances (000527) introduced after the electrical appliances, sues Goldman sachs for a foreign appeal did not decrease. Reporters from shenzhen information learned that, by publicly traded, on September 17 QFII hold beauty appliances A shares for A total of 204118418 shares, total equity ratio of 16.1907%. Data shows, on September 12,, is very easy.

QFII hold beauty appliances A shares for A total of 203.16 million shares, total equity ratio is 16.1145%, 13, 14, to 16.1696%, to 16.1919%, and 20% of the QFII matches the share ratio of upper limit.

According to the shenzhen stock exchange of qualified foreign ins***utional investors securities trading detailed rules for the implementation of the "regulation, when all QFII hold a single company shares more than 16% and after every 2% increase, the exchange will disclose the relevant information in time. This means that if QFII to continue increasing beauty appliances, timely disclosure QFII will exchange the increasing progress. However, exchange does not disclose what hold foreign ins***utions and the quan***y of the electric shares. is a great ***istant for your daily life.

According to information, so far this year on January 16, YuTong QFII hold 64.46283 million buses stocks, 16.12% of its total share capital, has led to A QFII owning more than 16% of the A shares listed company, now, beauty appliances became the second such companies.





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