Office 2010 home and student Yesterday, Chinese yongle (0503. HK

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Office 2010 home and student Yesterday, Chinese yongle (0503. HK

 hereinafter referred to as "yongle") formally ended in the Hong Kong stock exchange of stock trading.

People close to the last night to the the first financial daily revealed new gome will be Beijing, Shanghai two management operation platform, has a very simple way to install.

both of the procurement will one, but the personnel, logistics and other is separate. The new company implements the "country", "yongle" double brand operation, the primary market in their operations in the second and third markets, which combine and uniform play gome banner.

Gome and yongle between will continue in the future compe***ion relations, both sides in the regional branches are still will be the independent operation, independent evaluation. The personage inside course of study thinks, this can avoid "1 + 1 < 2" results.

According to information, YuanYongLe chairman ChenXiao has a low profile to the appointment as the new CEO of the country. likes the ***istant in your office.

< ;p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt" cl***="MsoNormal">And yongle system of personnel changes have also clear. Former huanan austral beautiful general manager GuoJun will transfer the yongle marketing director, YuanYongLe marketing director shen ZhuWeiZe will serve as the general manager of emperor yongle jiangsu region.

On 28 January next year is expected to finish after around compulsory purchase gome, always in the Hong Kong stock exchange will withdraw from the market.

ZhouHong a leadership of the JiHu company get the second round of financing. The reporter learned from JiHu company, including the U.S. venture investment company plateau capital, red dot investment, sequoia capital, MatrixPartners, IDG's several agencies have JiHu for funding, JiHu amount exceeds the $20 million round of financing. Do you ever buy the ?

In after investment, director of the capital plateau partner Daniel novacek will enter the JiHu the board of the directors. November 17, news on Thursday after HP dish released its October 31 of the fourth quarter earnings. Results showed that HP quarter net profit more than 3 times the year-on-year growth. But the company in the fourth quarter last year entry of more than $1 billion of the cuts in spending.


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