Microsoft Office 2010 student At the same time

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Microsoft Office 2010 student At the same time

the SEC has it to the company accounting problems of informal investigation into the formal investigation, means that it has reason to believe that dell's accounts do have problems. SEC since September 2005 began to spread dell an informal survey, is good.

the focus of the inquiry for dell entry revenues.

Dell audit committee announced on September 11, it has set up a file in the company's "interest, reserves and other balance sheet subject" found some problems, they may affect the past financial results. At that time, dell also revealed New York state, United States] procuratorial work bureau has already submitted the subpoena part of financial reports.

In the past year, dell had market growth slows down, falling profits and challenges. According to market research firm Gartner data, dell has recently lost a quarter of its global PC leading status. The is an amazing gift for me.


November 16, news network equipment manufacturers cisco systems company announced late Wednesday that its board has approved the repurchase of $7 billion value to common stock.

According to the Associated Press, cisco as early as in 2001 launched a large-scale stock buy-backs, now has the stock buyback worth $36.9 billion.

According to cisco says, the company at the end of the second quarter (on October 28), the company has the buyback and canceled about 2 billion shares, Buy to help your office work.

its average price of $18.51 per share.

The board of directors was already authorized cisco ac***ulated $40 billion stock buyback, there is no finish the task of $3.1 billion, it will be with the new repurchase plans together execution.



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