Microsoft Outlook Avoid competing with group formation

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Microsoft Outlook Avoid competing with group formation

The reporter understands, beauty appliances is also a small amount of refrigerators and washing machines business, the acquisition is to avoid competing with group formation. Beauty appliances to reporters say President FangHongBo, beautiful e****lished with white everyone's electricity as main business development strategy, is discount for this month.

in response to the household electrical appliance industry unusually intense market compe***ion, the company the urgent need to perfect all the business of the white electric layout, improve the company's business scale, lower operating costs, enhance the company core compe***iveness.

To foster beauty appliances (000527) the new profit growth point, enhance core compe***iveness, improve the white goods business layout, midea group has walked out of the important a chess, it owns most of the ***ets of the RongShiDa into beauty appliances, is the best system ever.

into the laundry in the laundry RongShiDa ***ets include equipment, refrigerator and marketing companies, such as the main ***ets.

It is reported, this year on October 9, the electrical appliances and beautiful group, MAYTAGIV, MAYTAGI and AERA company (later three companies are all beautiful company controlled by foreign registered company) in guangdong shunde signed an equity transfer agreement. is on sale now.

According to the agreement, beauty appliances fitting with 127.4293 million yuan price, midea group which directly or indirectly holds laundry equipment, refrigerator company and marketing company all the equity of 50%.



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