Windows 7 Mobile phone--waveguide loss, 280 million

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Windows 7 Mobile phone--waveguide loss, 280 million

Yesterday, domestic handset boss waveguide announced the third quarterly report, net losses $0.73 per share, total share capital 384 million shares waveguide, as this calculation, the first nine months of the year the $280 million deficit waveguide. is discount for this month.

At the same time, the waveguide low-key published "the company in 2005 year will appear bigger loss" forecast, and last year the net profits of the waveguide is 200 million yuan.

In fact, lenovo mobile phone did perferct except the first echelon on behalf of domestic handset four companies already all fronts losses.

TCL communication on Friday reported third quarter sales reports say, is the best system ever.

 period of hk $460 million loss in the loss of hk $147 million. During the period, TCL communication turnover 1.05 billion hk dollar, hk $1.687 billion in the same period last year. The third quarter konka, the report says the drag from cell phone business, is on sale now.

the company was in the large area "losses, net profit nearly forty percent lower than the same period last year. 27, the performance of the amoi is released, said the third quarterly loss of $135 million, and is expected to net profit in the fourth quarter and year will happen losses.

The enterprise most losses due to the cell phone market overall demand at home and abroad, compe***ive mobile phone manufacturer by sales falling prices, and rising cost, etc.





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