Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student Home appliance--kelon giant kui 1.3 billion

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Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student Home appliance--kelon giant kui 1.3 billion

Troubled kelon electrical (000921) issued sales reports, data showed that the third quarter loss company kelon 813 million yuan, total loss in the previous three quarters of 1.3 billion yuan, Do you like ?

 the average loss per share of 0.82 yuan.

Kelon said, the company operating continue to be former President GuChuJun suspected of economic crimes such as the negative impact of the bank, suppliers, dealers, on confidence in the company still haven't fully recover, the company in financing and credit still meet the major difficult, funds directly to the refrigerator, air conditioner production line in July and August has been most of production. Due to the popular product not in time to supply market, still need to by a old model to fill, caused the company to overall gross margin is very low. In addition, the third quarter loss also include have happened and not plan the cost and the provision for, inventory write-down, stock, dish deficient to fill raise expenses, There are many improvements in .

add up to 491 million yuan.

The day before yesterday, the China home appliances two landmark enterprise haier, TCL reported third quarter earnings, its main colour TV sets, air conditioning, the refrigerator, sales are up 10%, but profits but fell significantly. Haier less money-050 million yuan, and earn $a less TCL 3, the third quarter net deficit increase to 179 million yuan. Buy to help your office work.

To this, haier and TCL all mean, the reason for this, because household electrical appliance industry faced with rising prices of raw materials conditions, and TongHangJian malignant price compe***ion is on the rise.

Konka released yesterday the third quarterly results showed that, despite the color TV business steady development, but the product price's declining influence, net profit fell 38.69% year-on-year. In addition, AoKeMa chunlan, the home appliance such as enterprise the day before yesterday also revealed the third quarter report, the refrigerator, air conditioning main business profits declined.


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