Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business At the end of the hottest ???? aroused

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Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business At the end of the hottest ???? aroused

Telefonica giant Telefonica O2 UK mobile operators in the company, a shot is $31.4 billion (17.7 billion pounds). Yesterday, the news was confirmed. Discount are for you.

The huge suddenly lit by the end of 2005 telecom industry the most intense a ????.

The world's fifth largest Telefonica market value of the company says, it will be in accordance with the 200 p per share purchase of O2, the price is higher than 22% O2 last Friday's closing price. According to a well-informed sources, and Telefonica O2 company with last week have contact, before the weekend negotiations will be clear, "the negotiations have been after several rounds, and is quite rapid progress".

Successful bid for Telefonica O2, is Europe's most intense Britain move the market pry bar, O2 more can make the company to restore lost in 2002 the German market. changes life.

Telefonica was because no successfully e****lished a green mobile communication network from Germany< /st1:place>.

"For Telefonica O2 company purchase company, it can increase the business in the geographical diversity, and promote the development of the mobile communications business." Telefonica President CesarAlierta says, "O2 and Telefonica merger would strengthen our position in the industry, make our performance is greatly increased.

This powerful company will be dominated, the number of users open Europe two largest markets. "Merger to cut the cost of sales and distribution field is also very important. is the best system ever.

For months to buy O2 company has been around there has been a lot of speculation, Germany and the Netherlands early telecom KPN company is brewed a together in an attempt to purchase the O2 plan, but have not signed any agreement.

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