Microsoft Project 2010 O2 company is in 2001 from the largest telecom company BT the

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Microsoft Project 2010 O2 company is in 2001 from the largest telecom company BT the

 is the sixth largest telecom company in Europe, it is located in the city of England, and have a staff of 15000, in the UK, Ireland and Germany< /st1:place> has 24.6 million users. is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.


Over the past few years due to Europe rose the m&a boom, Telefonica company also has been in the region to a takeover. Telefonica KPN contact with recently to discuss the possibility of a merger talks. But this is cool KPN, talks have failed to hold.

Under the administration announced yesterday that the information, in the first three, 47 families electronic industry state-owned key enterprise profit of $2.15 billion, There are many improvements in .

down 71.2%, while the expanded by 7.2% than the first half.

It is reported, this 47 families were done before the enterprise in the third quarter gross industrial output value (present price) 286.02 billion yuan, up 20.2%, speed up the 14.1% growth than the first half. Achieve main business income is 319.23 billion yuan, up 23.9%, speed up the 11.3% growth than the first half. Among them, the main business costs 279.06 billion yuan, up 24.3%.

Say get total cash investment still for $250 million

Yahoo last week with the securities of the submitted 8-k form after exposure, is on sale now.

has been referred to "the lost 180 million dollars" alibaba yesterday morning finally broke the embarr***ed silence state. Alibaba public relations spokesman WangShuai disclosure to reporters, said reports "yahoo paid $180 million less alibaba" view is not accurate, alibaba won the total cash investment "is still $250 million".

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