Project 2010 In explaining the reason of yahoo modify purchase agreement

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Project 2010 In explaining the reason of yahoo modify purchase agreement

when WangShuai revealed all modifications in fact all are of Japanese accounting standards, according to the modified, the yahoo for $180 million from the purchase alibaba 27703203 common stock to buy alibaba shareholders (not including softbank) the hands of the 27703203, has a very simple way to install.

and shares the softbank for $180 million from the purchase of 27703203 common stock shareholder alibaba to buy alibaba issued can turn strands of bonds (convertible into alibaba 27703203 common stock). "Softbank $180 million of bonds must be can turn in seven months is within next year in April with alibaba's common stock, lead or will be invalid. Do you ever buy the ?

" WangShuai said, "so, alibaba won the total cash investment is still $250 million."

According to above WangShuai disclosed affiliate agreement content, alibaba first denied "softbank through a series of capital operation to realize 'win-win'" comment. Or it can be understood as, alibaba trying to convey opinion is "$180 million can change bonds is actually jack ma won seven months of time".

So far, have clear facts including, yahoo and alibaba's the deal has ended. Yahoo's paying $1 billion in cash, in addition to clean out treasure to the relevant part outside, is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

 is divided into $70 million (direct payment to alibaba), $570 million (paid to softbank and other alibaba shareholders) two parts. At the same time, softbank from alibaba subscribe for a $180 million can change bonds, these bonds were required to be in April next year before replacement for all alibaba common stock, or will be invalid.




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