Office 2007 professional Intel report, the second quarter this year income is $8 billion

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Office 2007 professional Intel report, the second quarter this year income is $8 billion

business income is $1.1 billion, net income of $885 million.

But this performance compared with the same period last year, is good.

Intel's income fell 13%, the business income fell 60%, net income is down 57%.

Facing the fierce compe***ion in the AMD, Intel admitted in the announcement, Intel in the fierce compe***ion in the industry, cost share high and more fixed or difficult to reduce in the short term. According to understand, since this year, under the pressure of the performance, Intel active this year launched a price war, changed the past caused by AMD frequent price war, from Intel, took in his hand the awkward situation of customers. The is an amazing gift for me.


A domestic famous home appliance enterprise a top last night to the the first financial daily revealed, gome electrical appliances (information market BBS) (0493 HK) acquisition yongle appliances (0503. HK) a few a foregone conclusion, the parties may have a public announcement next week, but the final takeover conditions is not clear.

Gome a top to reporters last night said: "the two sides talking about it ok." Buy to help your office work.

The spokesman HuangJianPing yongle, said there had been no may issue of new information.

Informed sources, the country has increased acquisition, and intends to spend about hk $9.8 billion for the holdings of yongle, in which the original "1 shares (gome shares) change of three (yunglo stock)," into "1 shares for 1.5 shares".




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