Microsoft Outlook 2010 The person said

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Microsoft Outlook 2010 The person said

 for the price, always the internal appeared difference: a kind of opinion is the judge; Another opinion is "again top a hat", gome bid should be more than hk $10 billion.

In addition to people to put forward, gome in addition to change form, is the best system ever.

is best pay part of the cash. Because if a gome gold silver doesn't make, afraid after the acquisition of the yongle big do "negative" : no longer give the yongle continue to input funds, turn off the yongle stores, cut the yongle employees, it will make yongle management team lose security.

And as a country after the merger of yongle's main rival, su ning electric equipment (information market BBS) chairman zhang near east 18, accepting our newspaper reporter phone interview has said, if with success, is on sale now.

for the whole of the purification of industry to be pleased. But stores have not decide the number of outcome of absolute factors, the future of the compe***ion must be won on "background".

Zhang said the near east, su ning speaking, merger is also an opportunity. Suning appliance retailer do in one hundred enterprise direction, will not therefore be moved.

As for future su ning and other electric retail chamber of commerce no stock ownership cooperation, zhang said the near east, one is to ensure that the same direction, changes life.

secondly, the shareholders of investment maximum value, in the two basis, "is completely open".

Zhang introduced in the near east, this year, su ning will turn to the internal energy management, personnel, the informationization of "background" construction, to "for today and future changes ready". So far, the Chinese electrical appliances in practice of internal chains early, after 35 years after purchase to talk about a real significance.



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