Outlook 2010 Yesterday

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Outlook 2010 Yesterday

 PCCW (0008 HK) parent company expand the Pacific announced that us DE too group and capital to small shareholders of xinqiao takeover bid, plan to continue and if the board of directors of the relevant arrangement for acceptance, the extension will withdraw sell surplus PCCW stake to 22.66% of the trade. BHP earnings on the notice that, is discount for this month.

now is seeking to reopen court conference to review through privatisation plan, and the company's independent director has asked the independent financial consultants, privatization of the independent financial report submits supplement to send to the shareholders, and the expected court conference held in mid August.

New bridge in January this year was announced, earnings to hold the rights and interests of the minority shareholders of the extension 25%, to $0.27 a share, bought shares of slope, and the subsequent will raise prices to $0.305 a share, slope, is the best system ever.

The plan originally scheduled for June meeting held court vote, but due to the full extension received PCCW ***ets won ??? advice, so stop court meeting.

July 10,, chairman Richard li tzar-kai PCCW will their holdings of PCCW 22.66% stake to hk $9.2 billion are sold for a price to the Hong Kong investment bankers after betweenpccw storm constantly. Richard li is due by PCCW parent company expand and hold the Pacific PCCW stake, so to sell PCCW stake) shall be approved by the shareholders' meeting of extension. is on sale now.

Richard li tzar-kai sell shares have been regarded as "for sale", and damages the small shareholders' rights and interests, legislation to Hong Kong in August 4 the deal to investigate, and full of PCCW stake sale extension matters, also is not through the shareholders' meeting of a vote, in view of PCCW sale all the twists and turns in the constant, the deal will ever finally completed, still save variables.



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