Microsoft Office After shortens

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Microsoft Office After shortens

* (* * news, say) finally wishes come true. The reporter learns yesterday, ChenXiao, wong kwong-yu yesterday in the merger agreement opinions, gome, yongle of concern to the merger plan out.

The reporter understands, the two sides reach a consensus of the scheme, Do you like ?

not to change complete two listed companies of the merger by absorption, but adoption "equity transfer + cash" the acquisition of the way, let's wong kwong-yu gome (0493 HK) of China has yongle (0503 HK) a controlling stake, always the Hong Kong listed companies may continue to exist.

"Now I can't say what, will soon have a result." At noon yesterday ChenXiao finally answer reporters call, but only say the two short sentences, There are many improvements in .

and resolutely to hang out. His voice show a kind of war after the calm, plus a little tired. According to the yongle insiders say, he has been two days without sleep. Reporter then people familiar from have learned, after 3 days "mysterious" key negotiations, gome, yongle has agreed about the merger reached an agreement, this day next week there may or a related announcement issued.

To expose the takeover offer is gome 1 shares in yongle of three of the merger by absorption, but this approach yongle opposition, lead to negotiations were crisis. Buy to help your office work.

Thereafter, the spread and hk $4.2 per share takeover offer cash, this will force the country is as high as 9.6 billion hk dollar acquisition cost, apparently cost is too high. Analysts believe that separate change, always the aspects to extremely; And pure with cash, is very out of country. Therefore, the final negotiations is both the results should step back compromise: equity transfer + cash purchase.


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