MS office 2010 But the news can't get positive response

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MS office 2010 But the news can't get positive response

 Gome, yongle stop dish because, after that the Hong Kong stock exchange merger talks in existing in information disclosure irregularities, eve, the two companies by the spokesman per capita stock exchange "warning," stern asked them on the stock exchange to guomei acquisition of yongle case during the investigation, the parties shall be issued by any foreign press official news and speech, otherwise will bear legal responsibility. Discount are for you.

More news alleged, the stock exchange had to investigate "leak" negotiations the core content of the related personnel. Therefore, the country and yongle news spokesman yesterday more cautious, any news to all answer "no comment". Reporters yesterday and DuoCi call yongle Hong Kong company dong secret, but their colleagues repeatedly told reporters that he has been in a meeting, the inconvenience to answer the phone.

"The fastest will have an announcement today." People familiar said to reporters. Just after the announcement, the Chinese electrical appliances chain first deal succeed or not, will see the shareholders' meeting, board of directors can gome vote. changes life.

 But the acquisition of the steps, the country still need according to the will of the yongle small shareholders, decide whether to improve their holding share. Therefore, the completion of the acquisition will need at least a few months time.

Gome and yongle after the merger, sales of both parties will break 70 billion yuan, if coupled with the operation of the large and medium-sized acquisitions before yongle, is the best system ever.

whose total store will break 600 home, with sales of more than 80 billion yuan, form a home appliances chain "big MAC". As for the two companies, the smooth integration of resources can after the takeover, and to reduce costs, play a greater scale, is yet to be time to tell.



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