Microsoft Office 2010 home and student It means that the ***ociation should be the only

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Microsoft Office 2010 home and student  It means that the ***ociation should be the only

with legal qualifications of writings reproduced the collection and use of the ins***utions for. But actually, there are ins***utions co-existing, the present situation of the management confusion.

"Now the domestic has two main ins***ution engaged in this work, the concord the China copyright protection center." Assoc explained, changes life.

 1991 promulgated in the law of the People's Republic of China copyright law implementing regulations have regulation, newspapers reproduced legal license by the national copyright administration book the ins***utions designated by the turn. The national copyright administration also once in 1999 introduced the publication written works reward regulations, specify the China copyright protection center is engaged in newspapers and book turn pay work. In 2002, the copyright law and the regulations for the implementation of the revised, will let your work faster and easier.

cancelled by the national copyright administration designate special ins***utions and legal license charge of work reward turn related regulations, allow civil agent. On March 1, 2005, the effect of the collective management of copyright byelaw "regulation: newspapers reproduced, Microsoft’s best product is .

 teaching material" legal license "the collection of fees to ins***utions to collective management of copyright organization.

However, responsible for newspapers reproduced, teaching material "legal license" turn pay fees of collective management of copyright text organization, Chinese characters copyright ***ociation for a variety of reasons, only until October 2008 formally e****lished.





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