Office 2010 home and student "This causes a period of vacuum period."

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Office 2010 home and student "This causes a period of vacuum period."

 Assoc said, on paper the ***ociation was e****lished in the years before, society in the many domestic organizations, before the e****lishment of the ***ociation in the book turn agent. Some writers reflect, is good.

ask for the payment to the agency wall everywhere, and this several social agency also don't publicize the newspapers reproduced information, the author can't inquires the article was reproduced.

According to information, once take on this work of the China copyright protection center had previously charged for more than 20 million yuan fees, there are more than 1000 yuan book is not getting, but has not p***ed on to the the ***ociation. The is an amazing gift for me.

"As the only legitimate agency, we have made it to the relevant departments to reflect, but unresolved." Assoc reluctantly said.

The lack of regulation part publication delay due to legal agency itself exists not consistent contradictions, part of the newspapers and magazines will fish in troubled waters, intentionally or unintentionally default for the author. This trend now is quite obvious, the ***ociation recently received frequent the copyright owner complaints, especially for the home most well-known several big abstract kind of magazine's complaints. Buy to help your office work.

Assoc said, many magazines, newspapers, are trying to avoid written works reproduced for pay, for example in the publication will be the author of a work by a reprint "unknown" form, and it is through the original works to rewrite editing, and agency in other name. So can openly to could not find the author for, for avoiding.


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