Microsoft Office 2010 trial "Whether the newspapers and magazines carefully perform, in fact, we

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Microsoft Office 2010 trial "Whether the newspapers and magazines carefully perform, in fact, we

Assoc said the ***ociation, the search is on for the relevant evidence and involves the copyright holder, when the opportunity mature, don't rule out by means of the law, directly to the rights.

Alibaba listed companies in Hong Kong on Sa****ay at the shareholders' meeting, is the best system ever.

according to yahoo's "not informed and does not agree to pay treasure to ownership transfer" statement, alibaba group chairman jack ma, responded that pay treasure to transfer process "three years have been part of the board of directors of the discussion".

Since yahoo to the SEC report said alibaba will pay treasure to transfer to jack ma name after the company, pay treasure to official and alibaba group has published statement. is on sale now.


Yahoo said in a statement, March 31, 2011, yahoo and alibaba group received about softbank 2 deal notice. This 2 deal without notice to the board of directors and shareholders of alibaba group, also didn't get their approval. changes life.

The first transaction is in August 2010, pay treasure to the transfer of ownership. The second deal is the first quarter of 2011 to pay treasure to the actual spin-off.

Alibaba group then issued a statement, said in July 2009 on the board meeting, board of directors alibaba group discussion and confirmed that pay treasure of 70% equity into an independent has company in China.

Yahoo statement two time points mentioned in August 2010 and the first quarter of 2011, and alibaba's response, for 2009 years July has determined will pay treasure equity transfer.



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