Microsoft Office 2010 student After the media industry and commerce registration material found

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Microsoft Office 2010 student After the media industry and commerce registration material found

pay treasure to first shareholding modification occurred in June 2009, pay treasure to jack ma name company transfer the domestic 70% of the equity; is discount for this month.

The second occurred in August 2010, and the remaining 30% equity has also been transferred to the same company, two transfer value of 330 million yuan.

The shareholders' meeting, shareholders' representatives pay treasure to transfer control questions, and to pay treasure to transfer "alibaba shareholders of each person as if off a piece of meat, the same feeling of (alibaba) should have their own some explanation".

Jack ma, responded that pay treasure the transfer, three years of order 2 discuss from the central bank to now, "board of directors do not have a not parti****te in discussion. is the best system ever.

" He said, if pay treasure not legal, if pay treasure to pay no licence, clean out treasure is paralyzed, the largest is affected by alibaba group and the interests of the shareholders.

Beijing time May 16 morning news, yahoo and alibaba issued a joint statement on Sunday, says both sides are and will try to advance negotiations, solve the problem of around pay treasure.

Yahoo holds a 43% stake in, is on sale now.

 but the relationship with alibaba continuous tense. Last Tuesday yahoo announced, alibaba has its payment platform pay treasure transferred to alibaba CEO jack ma holding company; By this news influence, yahoo's share price down significantly, as investors worry the yahoo shares will shrink the value of alibaba. Yahoo shares ended at $16.55, a last Tuesday fell 11%.



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