Office 2010 home and business Statement: alibaba group

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Office 2010 home and business Statement: alibaba group

 with its major shareholders yahoo and softbank is dedicated to advancing negotiations and to comply with all the interest of the shareholder way, as soon as possible to solve the current problem about pay treasure.

Yahoo spokesperson Dana Taylor quique (Dana Lengkeek) refused to answer about negotiations between the two sides and yahoo to the position in question. Do you like ?

Alibaba and softbank has yet to comment.

When many online mall tried to do "online wal-mart, no. 1 store become real" online wal-mart ". Last weekend, a global retail boss wal-mart announced it had to buy 1 store holding company a few equity to reach an agreement. There are many improvements in .

Reporters noticed that in our country foreign sales of online launch the restricted category for industry, wal-mart to buy equity in China by way of electronic commerce in market, is expected to net buys a big market for foreign capital for open the gap.

Online sales and had cut to the curve is wal-mart family investment jingdong mall is different, the wal-mart retail business is cut into the positive electronic commerce. Buy to help your office work.

Wal-mart stores inc. (nyse: WMT code) announced last Friday that, already buy 1 store holding company a few equity to reach an agreement, in 60 days is expected to complete the transaction.

1 store was founded in 2008, its online food retail sales and maternal and infant products, consumer electronic products, clothing etc category in consumer market in online occupies an important share. At present, its in Shanghai,




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