Microsoft Office professional 2010 Alibaba

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 Microsoft Office professional 2010 Alibaba

< ;p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt" cl***="MsoNormal"> the statement said in July 2009 on the board meeting, board of directors alibaba group discussion and confirmed that pay treasure of 70% equity into an independent has company in China. There are many improvements in .


Industry and commerce, the data showed through June 2009 and August 2010 two transfer, pay treasure to wholly owned by the controlling shareholders have alibaba group, is a wholly owned subsidiary Alipaye-commercecorp (registered in the cayman islands), become the zhejiang alibaba business Co., LTD.

The above two trading price of total about 330 million yuan RMB. is on sale now.


"Pay treasure problem is still under discussion"

Yesterday, Mr Ma held in Hong Kong alibaba shareholder meeting it in public, since about the provisions of the central bank to pay policy issued, "board of directors do not have a not parti****te in discussion, we must ensure that the company health development. is cheaper than the CDs.

Pay treasure problem is under discussion, we will not violate the interests of the shareholders. Now he is to be said on both as a woman party we haven't said, because it is not yet decided."

"If pay treasure is not valid, clean out treasure is paralyzed, taobao and pay treasure paralyzed, alibaba how to grow?" Jack ma points out, this case for group for managers, only a way, that is to make the right decision: with state law, with transparent principle with the long-term development of the group and interests.

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