Microsoft Office 2010 home and student Alibaba group CaiChongXin CFO in a shareholders'

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Microsoft Office 2010 home and student Alibaba group CaiChongXin CFO in a shareholders'

 from the group level has been and yahoo communication, because in China do Internet enterprise, consumer information, data protection strategy will more and more sensitive enterprise, if have very big foreign intervention in the composition of alibaba development is not reliable. is replaced by the Office 2010 product.


"We have been and they have communication, but no new progress. But it won't affect the listed company and other business operation of the group." CaiChongXin said.

Mr Ma also revealed last year, and yahoo negotiate equity repurchase problems, had talked about is very good, yahoo has agreed, but take out a specific plan and they terminate the key moment of the negotiations. Do you like ?


"And yahoo's things we disappointment, speaking not count, I don't have confidence to them, they will be discussed again after what, write clear again and we talk about...." Mr Ma said.

Recently, the network near "the university mistresses intermediary", the "intermediary" so-called "universities" general agent, "business scope" include Beijing, Shanghai almost all universities, and even launch "pack keep detailed price list". changes life.


"Amazing!" "Progress is the time or social sad?" Nets for hot debate by Internet users. Not long ago, Beijing police after investigation and *****ed the "university mistresses intermediary" case, nets article mysterious intermediary "Chen" shows the prototype.

S online "mistresses intermediary" :

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