Microsoft Office 2010 home and business Female students was "plain code marks a price"

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Microsoft Office 2010 home and business Female students was "plain code marks a price"

"Beijing college students' mistresses intermediary-near package offer from 100000 to 650000 dollars!" Almost since period of time, suddenly appeared on the Internet "mistresses intermediary" nets post, and quickly became one of the focuses of hot debate Internet users. is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.


"China net matter" reporter investigation understands, these posts in picture form is released, pictures of a business card and a A4 paper down together. In a "mistresses (sir zhong) intermediary" posts the reporter sees, name card, top write "Shanghai universities general agent" on, contact as "Shanghai university of finance and economics students learn DingTong 07 level". In "DingTong learning" leave phone and E-mail address, is free for you.

also indicated "the sincere not faze".

The A4 paper card, print by key universities, common university, school of art of the cl***ification of the "price list", involving Shanghai theater academy, Shanghai normal university and other 12 university; The corresponding school is different, "keeping" costs $ten thousand a year from 350 to two or three ten thousand yuan.

In the "price" of the note, "DingTong learning" is also writing: "provide students, and according to your student id requirements of higher mathematics calculus, band 4 and band 6 college English **** translation of test subjects such as comprehensive ability; the graduates with the ministry of education degree certificate may be website inquires authenticity." is 100% perfect.

And in another thread, is almost exactly the same format, just on a card for the ***le of "Beijing universities general agent", "DingTong learning" also turned into "Beijing university of technology ins***ute of foreign teacher Chen".


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