Microsoft Office 2007 download Through the investigation

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Microsoft Office 2007 download Through the investigation

 the police is locking "Chen" shelter and iden***y. Due to the "Chen" has said, and constantly have female college students to apply the posts, Beijing police round him arrange sufficient police monitor. For many days, however, "Chen" every day just "home" in the home, has a very simple way to install.

 no stranger to reach him.

On April 1, the police to "Chen" summoned. Facing the police inquiry, "Chen" to release the things online posts denied, insists he's been framed. When police asked about why he wants to meet with "candidate", he said, "is to make friends meet, likes the ***istant in your office.

< ;p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt" cl***="MsoNormal">ready to find someone to get married."

According to the police investigation, "Chen" this year, 45 years old, divorced, no professional in Beijing. The police found in his home, is full of all kinds of beauty pictorial, magazine. "More than one meter tall piles, at least a dozen piles, some beautiful pictures were cut down carefully."

In his computer and the camera, civilian police also found that some of the women naked pictures, Do you ever buy the ?

 "Chen" says, the shooting is a former girlfriend, this is "hobby".

At present, because of suspected of luring pros***ution, "Chen" has been a police punishing. In the case of the investigation, the police did not find a college students to parti****te in the deal.

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