office professional However, experts worry,

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office professional However, experts worry,

hackers or online criminals are likely to use the account information acquisition sensitive personal information, or login account of the bank on the net, even in shopping website fraudulent transactions, because a lot of people will own more than one account set up the same p***word.

According to information, Hotmail is the world's largest Internet free email providers, in the global scope has about 500 million users.

In fact, Hotmail email the above account information is after exposure, online and appear a contains 20000 E-mail account and p***word address list, the subordinate including Microsoft, Google mail, yahoo, aol and other major email services.

To this, some web sites recommend that users revise instantly p***word. The expert points out, hackers more cunning, users need to be paid attention to network security, take measures to protect the account.

Google company now recommend that users log on via Google website homepage email mailbox, don't click on any can cause login information leaked warning links.

The blog "push," (Twitter) is recommended websites such as user revise instantly email the p***word.


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office professional However, experts worry,
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