microsoft 2010 download Yahoo company a spokesman

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microsoft 2010 download Yahoo company a spokesman

urged users "as always take measures to protect the account safety, including modified p***word".

Some people remind said people should in different web using different p***word. According to introducing, get a p***word can let a person get many things, and people need to see online bank account and online order the ticket is different.

According to media reports say China unicom phone might iPhone ban Wi-Fi (wi-fi Internet technology) by China unicom said yesterday, the first listed products with the iPhone Wi-Fi function, not on the consumer experience 3 G business application have a big impact.

China unicom plan in the near future iPhone start cell phone sales, the user can buy in two ways: one is to buy simulates; One is set to join iPhone, enjoy buying machine subsidies, set up a total package iPhone 8 file. About the iPhone in domestic market if the cell phone with Wi-Fi function, China unicom's responsible for the business of terminal YuYingTao says general manager huasheng unicom, "before the end of this year, China unicom mobile phone iPhone version would not bring the Wi-Fi function."

China unicom is working with apple to communicate, hope apple production of mobile phone in an iPhone Wi-Fi function at the same time as the support domestic WAPI standard technology.


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microsoft 2010 download Yahoo company a spokesman
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