Zhongjin co report said that currently,

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Zhongjin co report said that currently,

some investors worry "sharing build" policy may make new unicom slow construction its current G nets. Zhongjin think this year, is an amazing gift for me.

new unicom G nets contract bid has more than 30 billion yuan, and have already been launched WCDMA network bidding. By 2009 investment mainly to WCDMA nets, so G nets investment may drop slightly, but its overall investment scale is expected to remain wireless networks.

Zhongjin pointed out that "sharing" policy for construction equipment manufacturers, not only have no negative impact instead may be driving speed up network operators build process. At present the biggest bottleneck lies in the construction is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

 of network resources, as people hail of environmental protection consciousness, strengthen within the city land and house prices, improve the hail experienced more and more resources. "Sharing" policy if can get build effective execution, more likely to promote China telecom and new unicom to speed up the deployment of network, then increase the telecommunications equipment procurement input.

Zte says new opportunity

For these inquiry, and investors are worried about the company recently, explained why.

Zte says, so far, through Europe changes life.

and the stage of developed countries and developing countries customer communication, we can see the financial storm to the telecommunications industry influence is relatively minor.





Domestic investment Banks argue

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Domestic investment Banks argue

Cathay Pacific (ChenLiang analysts think, this research report issued "notice" and the XieHaoZhuanWang test are restructuring is that after the implementation of the asymmetric control policy, "are just delivered has a very simple way to install.

the government's intentions and clear signals, but there were no into practice".

"Stress is the sharing of hail as the core of the Eiffel Tower, rod road, engine room, indoor distribution system, transmission lines, power and other auxiliary facilities, and the main system equipment." ChenLiang report that, on capital market exaggerated and misunderstood "notice" as their equipment to the influence of zte.

Cathay Pacific, researchers report (from the investment structure look, mobile network investment mainly divided into three parts: Do you like ?

 wireless networks (core and base station) accounted for about 60%-70%, than IT support and business platform accounted for 20%, facilities, power transmission tower, accounting for more than 20%, than "could share the main is the last 20% of the investment field".

ChenLiang points out, from the global experience look, sharing success implementation base station, Europe etc because few precedents have regional operators, so there, but also a common base station no large-scale is a great assistant for your daily life.

 implementation; But in the three largest operators are strong national coverage operator, sharing hard to do.


Buffett and general electric a $3 billion investment conditions of preferred stock

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Buffett and general electric a $3 billion investment conditions of preferred stock

 with Goldman sachs basic similar: 10% of fixed dividend rate, after three years was a 10% premium to buy back; has a very simple way to install.

In addition Berkshire's still can be in the next five years to $22.25 a share prices for general electric $3 billion of common stock. When general electric's share price is about $24.50.

This is a quite a worthwhile investment, but with Goldman sachs and general electric, a sharp drop in the share price of some unknown among them mysterious investors are starting to question Mr Buffett's investment, as it has the bedding bag, and one of is a great assistant for your daily life.

 them depth is key to its didn't understand the preferred stock investment of buffett in mystery.

The essence, buffett the two foregoing preferred stock investment can be split into two parts: the annual interest as much as 10% of corporate bonds and authority period for as long as five years of American warrants. Microsoft’s best product is .

The 10% dividend yield Treasury yields than at present as to be much higher, in the same period of steady benefits can be obtained, buffett is also not give up possible excess profits-authority period for five years of American warrants can guarantee that its full share the two companies fast growing fruit, although their share prices fell, but many recent and five years, and who can predict what will happen? But one thing is for certain, likes the assistant in your office.

< ;p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt" class="MsoNormal"> buffett to obtain this may need to pay any excess return of cost, bedding bag is mentioned.

Yahoo home page also let new buzz proud,

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Yahoo home page also let new buzz proud,

 "new home page is to reflect our efforts to create innovative product a best example, the front page, is to enhance the user of the reconstruction of enthusiasm and for industry with the most attractive advertising claims."

However, the famous American technology blog Mashable posts, but said the new yahoo home page design more concise, more reasonable, and integrate the more social networking site service, but it can't's former glory. The blog points out, the new home page has a lot of satisfactory improved, but lack of innovation, its main lessons from the iGoogle and MyYahoo!!!!! The original home of the tool design idea.

This is undoubtedly the frustrating evaluation.

Pending transactions

In earnings conference, when buzz was again asked about Microsoft search Bing view, her attitude changed: "Bing is a very good product, Microsoft this very well, I think that they should get an appreciation of."


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